For some, culture is the bundle of characteristics of a group; some says it’s our way of life, to some, its eternal, existed with us from the moment of our creation. Some says it’s a teacher, it makes us uniform, social, makes us a part of a group. Does it?

Does your strong headed- beat the boredom of Monday morning-shocker showcases the same culture as does light blue cladded Reba didi’s calm demeanor even on a Saturday night? Or does Ms Revati’s dazzling show stopping party wears come under the same league of culture as portrayed by our red bordered cotton loving Mitali bhabi? Food for thought! The bottom line is we wear what we are and what we wear; makes it our culture. We put the color of our mood to it, own it with our pride, and that’s how it becomes ours.

From the era unknown we know we look gorgeous in sarees. Every one of us has our favorites, we exude elegance in it; we radiate confidence. It reminds us of our root, of our effervescent rivers, magnificent mountains, opulent greeneries; our six prominent seasons, of our country, our home; a place of love hope and dreams. At one end we try to hold on to the culture that ties us to our peaceful retreats and at the other end we want to break the mold, stand apart. We want to embrace our culture but in our own way; proud, unique, bold and brave. That’s where We come in.

INDOSTRINGS go places for you, villages; cities; towns; hills; alleys, names that are emblazoned on the pages of history, names that have become myths, families that have forged stories, generations passing on tradition for centuries. They all have one thing in common, they weave; and they weave for you. We bring to you what you need and sometimes what needs you.

Our job is to connect the best weavers of your country with you. To bring their best creations to your wardrobe. To bring the treasure trove closest to you. So that you can celebrate your culture the way you want to. So that you can touch the history, wear the myth and stand apart. After all, it’s your Desh, Your Besh, we just bridge the gap.